Vietnamese rice wraps and asian coleslaw 2

Vietnamese Rice Wrap Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Rice Wrap Spring Rolls have become a recent favourite in our house hold. They make a healthy gluten free alternative to a sandwich, and are great for packed lunches and picnics. You can fill them with whatever you fancy or use up any vegetables that are left in the fridge. Vietnamese rice wraps are […]

Healthy living magazine article on sleep inducing foods January 2015

Sleep inducing foods for your baby

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2015. For my first post of the year I thought I’d share an article I wrote for Your Healthy Living Magazine on Sleep inducing foods for your baby. If you’d like to read the original article that was […]

Vegan rum raisin ice-cream

Vegan rum raisin ice-cream

This recipe is not for children! It’s for those mummy’s that are breast-feeding on an elimination diet and just want a NEW YEAR’s EVE treat. It can be dull and boring when you don’t eat gluten and dairy at the Christmas period, but if you’re willing to be a little bit creative there’s plenty of […]