essential oils for pregnancy

Safe Aromatherapy for pregnancy

There’s always confusion surrounding the use of Aromatherapy during pregnancy. Yet essential oils can be a wonderful way to enhance your mum-to-be experience by providing natural ways to help you relax, sleep better as well as deal with morning sickness, swollen ankles and other pregnancy aches and pains. Why is there this concern? Well, some […]

Falling when pregnant

Falling over when pregnant

Pregnancy is a time of phenomenal physical change. The marvel of your body during this precious time should not be underestimated. Everything happens for a reason and your body just does it automatically. How amazing are women? One such significant change is to our sense of balance, which may cause a trip or stumble especially […]

Hugging mums tummy

Bach Flower Remedies during pregnancy

As you may have read in a previous post, I had a very emotional first pregnancy with my daughter Melissa (more on that here), it frightened my so much that it made me fearful of being pregnant again. However, with some research, I realised that it’s completely normal to have mood swings during pregnancy. After […]