Girls or boy

Is it a girl or a boy?

Are we in team pink or blue? The question everyone asks and all want to know. During the first 3 months of pregnancy, you’re exhausted and bloated with no real sign that your future family is growing inside of you. Yet for me it’s one of the most exciting times, I love the secret I […]

Natural solutions to anaemia in pregnancy

Natural solutions for anaemia in pregnancy

I just got my blood test results back from my midwife appointment and it showed that my iron levels are within the normal range. This was great news, as during my first pregnancy with my daughter Melissa I was anaemic. Low iron in pregnancy is extremely common. This is because pregnancy increases the volume of […]

National Eczema Week 2015

Top 4 natural eczema products for baby

Most kids get itchy rashes at one time or another. However eczema is the most common type of skin problem found in the children under the age of 5, and is a real nuisances as it is often a lingerer. One in 10 children suffer from eczema. The most common cause of eczema is atopic […]