reiki for babies 2

Reiki for babies

We all know the power of human touch. As I documented in my post on massage, a mother brought her baby back to life after cuddling her for an hour when doctors pronounced her dead at birth. Babies that receive no or little physical contact fail to thrive and put on less weight than their […]

Bach flower remedies for babies

Bach Flower Remedies for Baby Sleep

It’s probably pretty obvious now from the title and content of this blog, that when my daughter Melissa was a baby she was a terrible sleeper. Not only would she wake up frequently for feeds, comfort and company, but when she did sleep it was fitful, restless and lacking in the deep quality of sleep a baby needs to feel fully revived. Furthermore, she hated being on her own and suffered from severe separation anxiety (…)

Fussy eater

Why I’ve embraced my FUSSY EATER

As Melissa approached 6 months old I started to get very excited about weaning. Would I choose finger food or make delicious inventive puree combinations and freeze them into convenient little ice cube trays? I poured over Baby Led Weaning ideas as well as books by Annabel Karmel and bought cute little bibs and feeding overalls. I fantasised about relaxing family meals together, laughing and enjoying quality time as we nourished ourselves with home cooked meals. I AM SAD, I KNOW, but there’s something so nice about seeing your child eat well, especially if you’re a keen cook like me. In the end Melissa wanted none of it.