Natural treatment for hay fever

Natural Solutions for Hayfever

What a wonderful Easter break we’ve had. The sun has been out and the flowers are budding. This is great news for everyone that loves the Summer and being outdoors, but bad news for those with hayfever. Up to 40% of children in the Western world suffer from hayfever every year. These figures have dramatically […]

Black bean and brazil nut sugar free brownies

Black bean & Brazil nut brownies

These sugar free / gluten free fudge brownies are healthy and delicious. Great for little ones on the go, and perfect for knackered or breastfeeding  mums who need a pick-me-up that doesn’t come with a crash. I know the ingredients sounds strange, but bare with me…they work. I’ve been searching for a brownie recipe that […]

Gathering nettles in the spring time

Nettles for hayfever

Nettles are the bane of many a childhood. Who doesn’t remember the sting of brushing past a nettle bush when riding your bike, or worse still, crashing head long into a bush of stingers? I’ll never forget the first time Melissa discovered Nettles bite. Walking casually through the woods to nursery school one day last […]

Raw chocolate nut bars

Gluten free Raw Chocolate Nut Bars

I’ve been donning my Nutritional Therapists hat and offering a bit of advice to a friend who’s walking from Walsall to Wembley this week. Graeme will be on foot every step of the way, from Walsall FC to Wembley FC, covering approximately 138 miles (a massive 291,000 steps), hopefully taking him just 7 and a […]