Nappy rash and National Eczema Week 2016

Nappy rash can be more than just sore; it can cause your baby distress day and night which could also disturb their sleep. Nappy rash usually occurs when a nappy is not changed regularly and the pee and pooh are allowed to sit on the skin for too long. Nappy rash can also be caused […]

Gro hush_2

Gro hush white noise baby device product review

Have you ever wondered why your baby falls asleep in a noisy room, yet when you try and put them in their quiet and peaceful bedroom they wake up? Well, it’s because…. Babies like noise. In the womb, from about 24 weeks your baby has been used to hearing the sound of your heartbeat, the […]

Rowan 5 days old 3

Welcome to the world baby Rowan

I’m pleased to announce, that the gender predictor quiz was wrong….and that last weekend, on Sunday 13th of March I gave birth to a little boy at home; Rowan Alexander Richard Mentzer It was an amazing experience and one that I’d really like to share. Not to gloat, but to spread the idea that childbirth […]