Why I’ve embraced my FUSSY EATER

Fussy eaterAs Melissa approached 6 months old I started to get very excited about weaning. Would I choose finger food or make delicious inventive puree combinations and freeze them into convenient little ice cube trays? I poured over Baby Led Weaning ideas as well as books by Annabel Karmel and bought cute little bibs and feeding overalls. I fantasised about relaxing family meals together, laughing and enjoying quality time as we nourished ourselves with home cooked meals. I AM SAD, I KNOW, but there’s something so nice about seeing your child eat well, especially if you’re a keen cook like me.

In the end Melissa wanted none of it. She was vaguely interested in sucking on something before discarding it to the ground, and happily squidged food through her fingers until it drove me insane. But would she actually swallow something wholesome and delicious that I’d slaved over? No. Absolutely NOT. By the age of 1 Melissa had barely swallowed any food at all, and existed purely off about 3 things – oats, yoghurt and hummus.

I was at my wits end. I had a child that wouldn’t eat and was the proud owner of an overweight cat. What kind of Nutritional Therapist was I? I felt like a fraud.

In desperation I scoured the internet for some answers and came across some very interesting research. If you’re struggling to get your baby or toddler to eat you may want to read this…

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The tastiest healthiest gluten free pizza

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

This recipe is phenomenal. For anyone that is gluten free or just trying to lose a few pounds but misses the satisfaction of biting into a pizza this Cauliflower pizza crust recipe is for you. I make it frequently for the family and everyone agrees; it’s better than real pizza! Plus it’s only about 300 […]

IBS low fodmap diet

Could FODMAP be the answer to IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is thought to affect up to 20 percent of children at some point in their school years. Symptoms of IBS including abdominal pain and alternating diarrhoea and constipation, are the second cause of absenteeism at school (after the common cold). Your child may complain of ‘bad tummy aches’, clutch her stomach, […]

Sugar free gluten free banana flapjacks

Sugar & Gluten Free Banana Flapjack

This is the simplest recipe I’ve devised yet. These sugar & gluten free Banana Flapjacks are wholesome and satisfying and contain zero refined sugars. Plus they’re an excellent way to use up brown overripe bananas. If you’re concious about your gluten intake then make sure you buy guaranteed gluten free oats. The slow releasing carbohydrates […]