Raw chocolate nut bars

Gluten free Raw Chocolate Nut Bars

I’ve been donning my Nutritional Therapists hat and offering a bit of advice to a friend who’s walking from Walsall to Wembley this week. Graeme will be on foot every step of the way, from Walsall FC to Wembley FC, covering approximately 138 miles (a massive 291,000 steps), hopefully taking him just 7 and a […]

Proud grandmother and her first grandchild.

What’s the best advice your mum ever gave you?

When I became a mum and held Melissa in my arms for the first time, I was overwhelmed by love, but also the enormity of the responsibility that comes with motherhood. Being the eldest of four girls, I was used to changing nappies, choo-choo train spoon feeding and keeping an eye out for toddlers on […]

Keep upright after feeds for reflux

Natural solutions for silent reflux

Picture this, your baby is only a few weeks old, she suddenly started screaming hysterically every time you try to feed her, it becomes extremely distressing for both of you. She arches her back and refuses to feed. Eventually you reach the stage when your baby begins to cry at the sight of her bottle […]

Leftover porridge makes oatmeal raisin biscuits

Leftover porridge oatmeal biscuits

Don’t you hate it when you make something that then gets turned down by your child? This was the case this morning. Porridge was just not welcomed. I hate throwing anything away, so decided to turn this oaty mush into oatmeal biscuits, so that I could feed it back later in the day. Ha! I […]

Should kids drink juice

Should kids drink juice?

In the BBC News headlines yesterday, we saw a ban on energy drinks for kids due to their high sugar content! Hallelujah! Finally the message is getting across that sugar is bad for us! However, whilst it’s my opinion that sodas and concentrated juice drinks are bad for a child’s health; I do believe that […]