Rowan 5 days old 3

Welcome to the world baby Rowan

I’m pleased to announce, that the gender predictor quiz was wrong….and that last weekend, on Sunday 13th of March I gave birth to a little boy at home; Rowan Alexander Richard Mentzer It was an amazing experience and one that I’d really like to share. Not to gloat, but to spread the idea that childbirth […]

Gender prediction quiz

Gender prediction quiz

Just a bit of fun really. But with less than a week to go everyone taking a guess, which I’m very much enjoying! Here’s the results of the quiz: Q. How’s your bump sitting? Round and low like a basket ball, or high under your chest like a watermelon? The second like a watermelon, exactly […]


Benefits of reflexology during pregnancy

There’s nothing more relaxing than a massage when you’re pregnant. But even more wonderful is a massage of the feet that also eases your aches and pains. I’m a keen convert, and here’s why….. A reflexology session involves the application of pressure using specific thumb and finger technique, stretching and movement on reflex points located […]

Serene Surprises gift box

Mothers day gifts for mums-to-be

Mother’s day is in 2 weeks time, just in case you’ve missed all the signs in the shops! And if you think you’re off the hook because your first time pregnant wife or partner hasn’t actually given birth yet, think again! 60% of pregnant women expect some acknowledgement from their partner on Mother’s day. I’ll […]

essential oils for pregnancy

Safe Aromatherapy for pregnancy

There’s always confusion surrounding the use of Aromatherapy during pregnancy. Yet essential oils can be a wonderful way to enhance your mum-to-be experience by providing natural ways to help you relax, sleep better as well as deal with morning sickness, swollen ankles and other pregnancy aches and pains. Why is there this concern? Well, some […]